Chichester Cattery


Smudge Farley

Smudge always enjoys her stay and is always well looked after, relaxed and happy with Chichester Cattery. Feels like her second home and is always made to feel welcome.
Mr & Mrs Farley

Maneka Pannell

This is Maneka my beautiful silver and white maincoon boy. He is three and a half years old and the first time he went to stay with Matthew and the staff at Chichester Cattery he was only 7 months old so I was like a new mum leaving her baby with a babysitter for the very first time.
I need not have worried as when I went to visit the cattery I met with Matthew the owner who showed me around and I was delighted to see that the cattery was situated in beautiful countryside, the staff were so friendly and obviously loved the cats. The runs were spacious, clean, and each one even had a little basket with cat toys in them - how cute is that.
Since that first time Maneka visits the cattery every year (twice this year because I moved) and everytime he comes back happy, content, beautifully groomed and in perfect health. This time he even managed to put on a bit of weight so that must be a sign of contentment.
I just cannot thank everyone at Chichester Cattery enough for looking after my beloved pet and if he could I am sure Maneka would add a 'paw print' as well.
Barbara Pannell

Gus Potter

Gus & Minnie stay at Chichester Cattery about 3 times a year whilst I go away. They are always beautifully looked after and return home happy and content. Matthew and the team even took Gus in after he broke his leg and gave him cage rest and TLC. He was as good as new. Many thanks!
Beatrice Potter

Minnie Potter